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2024 Spring Legal & Technology Conference Day 2

 Breakfast Keynote: Information Technology Core - Platinum Sponsor

Presentation Materials: Why ITC

 Opening Keynote: Cybersecurity, Incident Response Tabletop - 
Ross Lemke, Director, Privacy Technical Assistance Center, U.S. Department of Education 

Ever notice how some schools just seem to have bad cyber luck, while others seem to dodge
that bullet every time? Well, it may have less to do with luck than you think. In this session,
we'll take a look at schools' cybersecurity approaches, trends, and attacker goals to identify
things that separate the good, the bad, and the lucky in cyberspace. PTAC experts will distill
security best practices down to a short list of things that your school can do to avoid rolling a
1 on your cybersecurity saving throw.  Join us as we take you from WTF to MFA!

Professional Bio: Ross Lemke

Presentation Materials: Cybersecurity

No recording available

Unlock the future of Wi-Fi 7 and Network AI software- 
Seth Thompson David Whitt

Delve into practical applications that revolutionize classroom connectivity, personalize learning experiences, and streamline administrative tasks. Gain insights into how these innovative technologies are reshaping the educational landscape and unlocking new possibilities for student engagement and academic success.

Professional Bio:  Seth Thompson & David Whitt

Presentation Materials: Unlock the future of Wi-Fi 7 & Network AI 

Federal Education 
Tara Thomas 

Tara Thomas, AASA Policy Analyst, will provide a comprehensive overview of everything happening at the Federal level that impacts K-12 education. She will provide an update on appropriations and discuss the numerous regulatory actions happening this year.

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Professional Bio: Tara Thomas

Presentation Materials: Federal Update 

           Cybersecurity Services for k-12 Education-
Joe Frohlich, CISA, Burke Honzel, Montana DES & Andy Hanks, MSISA

 Education infrastructure is critical infrastructure.  Learn about free cybersecurity resources, services, and grants that Montana’s K-12 community can take advantage of today.  The time is now to align resources towards creating a digital infrastructure that is safe, accessible, resilient, sustainable, and future-proof.

Professional Bio: Joe Frohlich, Burke Honzel & Andy Hanks

Presentation Materials: Cybersecurity Services 

Montana's Public Bidding Laws - Rich Batterman, Chief Legal Counsel, MREA-MCS, Platinum Sponsor

Tips, Tricks, and Things to Remember

Professional  Bios: Rich Batterman

Presentation Materials: Montana's Public Bidding Laws


Montana Safe School Center and Threat Assessment -
Tammy Tolleson Knee & Tina Eblen 

Threat Assessment The session explores the impact of stress on the developing brain and why threat assessment is necessary. Then it dives into what constitutes a threat, types of threats, building a behavior intervention team and violence prevention. We’ll end with an overview of the threat assessment process.  

Professional  Bios: Tammy Tolleson Knee & Tina Eblen

Presentation Materials: Threat Assessment, Overview

No recording available

Using Robots to build future Leaders -
  FIRST Robotics in Montana 

An introduction to FIRST Robotics in Montana by the Montana Robotics Alliance (MTRA). How FIRST Robotics fits into educational institutions or community clubs, benefits of a strong STEM / STEAM program,  resources available to schools / clubs and how you can help.


Professional  Bios: FIRST Robotics in Montana

Presentation Materials: FIRST Robotics 


Lunch Keynote: Physical Security -
Verkada Platinum Sponsor 

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Presentation Materials:  Physical Security

 META Roundtable Session  MASS & MCASE welcome to join