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  • SAM LPLP 2019-20 
    • Be sure to register soon to join the 88 SAM members who plan to participate in this year's dynamic professional learning program. 
    • SAM LPLP 2019 includes access to a coach/mentor, an online resource center, and collaboration through collegial learning networks.
    • Also, MASS will pay the registration fee for all superintendents new to their positions.
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Contemporary Topics ...

  • Espinoza vs. Montana Department of Revenue Supreme Court of the US Case - February 5, 2020.  Click HERE to read details (prepared by MQEC) of this court case to learn about the nationwide implications of this ruling.  Oral arguments in front of the Supreme Court took place on January 22, 2020.  The SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) consideration of Espinoza vs. MT Dept of Revenue resources to review – SCOTUS Blog,  Ballotpedia, MQEC update and Summary.  In the Fall 2019, SAM worked with MQEC on the efforts to have National Affiliate Associations file Amicus Briefs to support the Montana Department of Revenue position in the hearing in Espinoza vs. MT Department of Revenue. 
  • The Montana Rural School Virtual Career Fair sponsored by the MCASE Recruitment Project, SAM, and MREA is scheduled for Friday, March 13.  Registration is FREE for candidates looking for Montana teaching and administration jobs. 

    Who is invited?
      • Candidates interested in rural Montana teaching & administration jobs
    Where do I have to go?
      • Nowhere, it all happens online, from your computer or smartphone!
    What are job seekers saying about a Virtual Career?
      • “I got four solid job leads while sitting in my living room, drinking coffee. Can't beat that.”
      • “This was a great experience! I was able to search for openings, have my resume viewed, and communicate just with the employers I was interested in, all without leaving my desk. The idea of
        a virtual career fair takes the pressure off the job seeker and employer.”
      • “The virtual career fair went great. I got one interview already and I am expecting more. I think that this was a great idea ….

    There is a $195 early registration fee for those districts interested in participating. The deadline for early registration is February 14th.  Find out more information HERE.  You can watch a Free Informational Webinar, watch testimonial videos, get information about pricing and deadlines, and send questions directly to the hosting vendor.  Contact Kirk MillerLori Ruffier, or Dennis Parman with questions.

  • Montana Unified School Trust (MUST), is excited to be able to offer Montana’s public schools additional flexibility and efficiencies in their funding of employee health benefits. Public schools now have the option to participate in the MUST Multidistrict Agreement to support services and activities for the funding and operations related to their employee health benefits. Visit the MUST Benefits - Multidistrict Agreement webpage for more information. (January 10, 2020)
  • MT-PEC collaboration develops a unified plan of professional development on key topics related to funding, flexibility, efficiency, safety and security, community ownership and local control - October 17, 2019.  A Framework including a planned syllabus, with desired outcomes driving the content is what was delivered to our members at MCEL 2019.   Click HERE (requires member login) to access the professional development including nine Deep Dive sessions on key topics.
  • GREAT 2019 - The Great Work of Montana's Public Schools, Volume VII, was released at MCEL on October 17, 2019
  • Suicide Prevention resources are available through the work of the Montana Suicide Prevention Task Force over the past 4 years.  Please check out The Montana Crisis Action Toolkit on Suicide (MT-CAST-S 2017) authored by Drs. Scott and Donna Poland with guidance from the State Suicide Prevention Morbidity Committee (website).  See also the Montana Suicide Awareness & Prevention Training Act resources available to you for community planning.

Membership Renewal Drive 2019-20

The SAM Membership Renewal Drive for 2019-20 continues!  Remember, district clerks/business managers must complete renewal forms for SAM members associated with districts.  Individuals not associated with a district and MCASE members must complete their own renewal forms.  So far, there are 1069 renewed memberships for 2019-20.  Click the link below to renew your membership.

Past SAM Membership Totals: 
18-19 = 1045
17-18 = 1058

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