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 "Did You Know"...Telling Your Story of Personalized Learning and Innovations

"Did You Know"...Telling Your Story of Personalized Learning and Innovations was an effort to collect information about our public schools.  We know that the value our schools bring to local communities enriches the lives of not only our students but our communities and the entire state.  Statistical information about student performance, and financial information about our schools, tell only a part of the story, and our ability to "Tell Our Story" is so important in providing a deeper, more meaningful look at the value of our public schools.  Many joined this effort to describe the ways our schools are making a difference in our communities for our children.

Follow this link to review the stories that were collected:  Innovations in Montana Public Schools.  The information can then be used by all of us to "Tell Our Story" to audiences who want to know more , about the value of our schools.

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The SAM Membership Renewal Drive for 2024-25 has begun!  Remember, district clerks/business managers must complete renewal forms for SAM members associated with districts.  Individuals not associated with a district must complete their own renewal forms.  Click the link below to renew your membership.

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