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Montana Association of Secondary School Principals

Members of MASSP are engaged in the administration and supervision of secondary schools or teach courses in education at institutions of advanced learning. MASSP believes the mission of every school is to continually grow and develop.
As identified in the MASSP Constitution, MASSP promotes a common bond and working relationship among middle and secondary school educators through:


  • Free exchange among school administrators in relation to common goals, problems, and other areas of mutual concern;
  • Continuous improvement in educational opportunities for all students;
  • Providing and promoting programs for the professional improvement of member middle and secondary education leaders;
  • The study of professional problems relating to middle and secondary schools; and
  • Cooperatively working with other professional organizations interested in working for the benefit of education.

2024-25 Member Benefits

 Membership period is from July 1, 2024-June 30, 2025
2024-25 Membership Pricing:
  •  MASSP/NASSP Joint Membership:   $510.00
    •     (Joint Membership is required for new members)          
  • MASSP/NASSP Retired:  $  90.00  
    •    (Requires previous NASSP membership)                           
  •  MASSP Aspiring (State only):  $  70.00                                                                             
 Membership Automatically includes Membership into School Administrators of Montana (SAM) 
 SAM Benefits    Join     Retired    Aspiring
 SAM Administrators Institute  x
 Montana Conference on Education Leadership (MCEL) x x x
 Montana Association of Secondary  School  Principals  Spring  Conference x x x
 Region Directors Meetings  x  x  x
 National Convention  x  x  x
 Monthly SAM Bulletin  x  x  x
 Annual SAM Directory (Electronic)  x  x  x
 Weekly SAM Update (Electronic)  x  x  x
 State and Federal Lobbying Network  x  x  x
 Colleague Networks  x  x  x
 National Association of  Secondary  School  Principals (NASSP)  Benefits  Joint        Retired  Aspiring
 Member Rate for  Conference/Meetings  x  
 Principal Leadership Magazine  x    
 Principal's Research Review     Newsletter
 NewsLeader Newspaper  x  x  
 Principal's UpdateE-newsletter  x  x  
 Middle Level Leader E-newsletter  x   x   
 AP Insight E-newsletter  x   x   
 Members Only Online Services  x   x   
 Member Rate for  Publications/Merchandise  x  x  
 $1 Million Liability Coverage ($2 Million liability coverage for  members of  unified states)  x     x **  
 Up to $10,000 for Legal Fee  Reimbursement  x  **  
 $5,000 Accidental Death Policy  x    
 Low Cost Life Insurance***          x***          x***  
 * Unified states are AK, HI, ID, MD, MS,MT, NM, PA, RI, TN, VA, WA, WV, WY.       
 **Coverage for claims based on incidents that occurred while an active Individual member.      
 ***Services offered at an additional cost
NASSP Membership Classifications are as follows:
Individual-Open to all individuals engaged in the practice or supervision of middle level and/or high school administration.  Membership cannot be transferred and is not refundable. 
Retired-Open to previous active members who have retired and no longer hold an administrative position.  Membership is nontransferable.