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MASSP Awards

The Montana Association of Secondary School Principals presents the following awards each year.  Members are encouraged to nominate their peers and community members for these awards to recognize achievements and to participate in national meetings.

Nominations are closed for the following MASSP Awards! 

Nominations are closed for the MASSP Assistant Principal of the Year Award.  For more information about the award and past winner, click on the following link:

MASSP Principal of the Year   

Applications/Nominations are closed for the MASSP Principal of the Year.   

The National Principal of the Year program recognizes outstanding school leaders who have succeeded in providing high-quality learning opportunities for students.  These principals are acknowledged by their peers for the exemplary contributions they have made to the profession.  The program honors high school principals who have demonstrated excellence in the areas addressed by the selection criteria. 

Award Criteria

• is a member of MASSP and NASSP at the time of the award;
• is an active principal of a school in which a commitment to excellence is clearly evident;
• has been an active principal for at least three consecutive years;
• will remain in active service in a position of school leadership during the school year in which he/she will serve as Principal of the Year;
• can provide evidence of student performance through compiled data – testing, etc.
• shows a strong commitment to the principalship through active membership in professional associations;
• is respected by students, colleagues, parents, and the community at large;
• assumes an active role in his/her community, distinguishing himself/herself as a leader in civic, religious, or humanitarian activities;
• shows strong educational leadership by setting high expectations for school staff and students; and
• maintains an orderly, purposeful learning environment.

The successful candidate will be required to complete the national, formal application upon notification from the selection committee.

Past MASSP Principal of the Year

Al Kober 1984   Don Gilbertson 1999   Dan Grabowska 2014  
Larry Schulz 1985   Joe Jurenka 2000   Jacob Francom 2015  
Ron Stegmann 1986   Bill Schlepp 2001   Dan Kimzey 2016  
Bob Raver 1987   Robert Moore 2002   Gordon Klasna 2017  
Henry Badt 1988   Scott Dubbs 2003   Hannah Nieskens 2018  
Paul Stenerson 1989   Karen Underwood 2004   Joel Graves 2019  
Jim Wood 1990   T.J. Eyer 2005   Shawn Hendrickson 2020  
Hilary Hopfauf 1991   Rick Powell 2006    Jake Haynes  2021  
Fred Anderson 1992   Dick Kloppel 2007    Jeffrey Uhren 2022  
Dick Walker 1993   Tom Blakely 2008    Cammie Knapp  2023  
Jim Barsotti 1994   Joe Paine 2009   Shelli Strouf  2024  
Tim Dunn 1995   Les Meyer 2010        
Herman "Ed" Plass 1996   Shelly Fagenstrom 2011        
Kelly Taylor 1997   George Rider 2012        
Mike Michunovich 1998   Paul Furthmyre 2013        

NASSP Conference Incentive Award 

Applications are closed for the NASSP Conference Incentive Award. 

MASSP's Incentive Award program is intended to provide a special opportunity for an administrator to attend the NASSP National Principals Conference for professional development.  The award is offered to one member and will consist of a paid registration to the NASSP National Principals Conference and round trip airfare to the site of the Conference.  MASSP's president will write a letter to the award winner's superintendent requesting adequate release time and financial support for meals and hotel accommodations in the Montana room block.  The 2024 NASSP National Principals Conference is scheduled for July 14-17 in Nashville, Tennessee.  
  1. Applicants must be a member of MASSP and NASSP.
  2. Applicants must not have attended an NASSP Conference.
  3. Applicants must have been involved and served in MASSP activities.
Application Procedures 
Applicants must complete the online application by the deadline indicated.  No extensions will be provided.  

MASSP Community Partner in Education Award

Nominations are closed for the MASSP Community Partner in Education Award

The Montana Association of Secondary School Principals Community Partner in Education Award is presented to a private citizen outside of the professional educational organization who is always there to support education and youth through his/her involvement in activities or projects that truly impact the schools and communities.  The recipient is announced and recognized at the Montana Principals Conference.  

  • 2024 Community Partner in Education - Golden Sunlight Mine
  • 2022 Community Partner in Education - Barb Byrne of Ulm
  • 2021 Community Partner in Education - Kristin Taylor of Bozeman
  • 2020 Community Partner in Education - Fairfield Lions Club
  • 2019 Community Partner in Education - Lynn and Holly Lapka of St. Ignatius
  • 2018 Community Partner in Education - Tom Price of Eureka

MASSP Future Administrators Scholarship 

Applications/Nominations are closed for the MASSP Future Administrators Scholarship 

MASSP offers a Future Administrators Scholarship in the amount of $1,100.00 to a graduate student in at least the second semester of an approved course of study for the Master of Education Leadership Degree.  The candidate cannot be financially supported by a school district, cannot receive both the MAEMSP and MASSP scholarships, and must intend to continue working in Montana.
The candidate must have completed three years of successful teaching in middle school, high school, or counseling experience and hold a current Montana certificate.  All applications must be completed online.  Applicants will be judged on the following criteria:
  • Successful and exemplary middle level or secondary level experience;
  • Community involvement;
  • Leadership positions; and
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Applicants must also provide a summary stating reasons why he/she has chosen to become a Middle or Secondary School Administrator.

**The winner of the grant is expected to use some of the money to travel to the next annual Montana Principals Conference to report on the quest for the Principalship.** 

  • 2024 Future Administrator Scholarship Recipient - Becky Schrade - Marion Schools
  • 2022 Future Administrator Scholarship Recipient - Ryan Swenson - Helena Schools
  • 2020 Future Administrator Scholarship Recipient - Denikka Miller - Lincoln County High School
  • 2019 Future Administrator Scholarship Recipient - Melissa Robbins - Whitehall Schools
  • 2018 Future Administrator Scholarship Recipient -  Brittany Katzer - Troy Schools