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MASSP Strategic Plan 2018-22

MASSP Strategic Plan Session 1-27-19

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Strategic Planning - Core Purpose & Values, BAG, Vivid Descriptions 6.15.18 & 10.17.18
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MASSP Strategic Plan Session 10-17-18

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MASSP Environmental Scan Worksheet 10-17-18
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MASSP Strategic Plan Session 6-15-18

MASSP Strategic Plan Development Document 6-15-18
MASSP Core Ideology (Completed) Worksheet 6-15-18

MASSP Strategic Planning Presentation 6-15-18
LINK to the MASSP Core Ideology and Envisioned Future Worksheet 6-15-18
MASSP Core Ideology and Envisioned Future Worksheet 6-15-18
MASSP Strategic Planning Terminology Overview

2011-14 MASSP Strategic Plan




MASSP Strategic Plan 2011-14 

Montana Association of Secondary School Principals

Educational Architects Leading School Communities

To Build Brighter Futures

MASSP Strategic Plan

2011 – 2014 


Professional Development

1)     MASSP Board will review the needs assessment at the April Meeting

       a)     MASSP Board will provide input regarding modifications to SAM

              i)      Results may direct future planning and training to include ‘hot topics’ and current issues in education. 

2)     Continued delivery of training

       a)     Work with SAM staff on coordination

       b)     Identify resources – local/state/online

3)     Board members will actively promote trainings

      a)     Encourage participation and attendance

       b)     Members use SAM online social media site to post trainings

4)     Continued communications with MSU/U of M/Rocky Deans of Schools of Education

      a)     Maintain dialogue about current topics and issues in secondary administration and education.

              i)      Invite Deans of Schools of Education to the MASSP April annual meeting


Membership Support and Involvement

1)     Collaborative Information Clearinghouse

       a)     SAM website – promote the site and encourage all members to register on the site.

       b)     Forward information to SAM for posting and availability for members. Encourage all members to register on the site

       c)     Regional directors will send agenda and minutes from regional meetings to association director or association staff. 

2)     Regional meetings:

       a)     Attendance

             i)      Encourage and promote attendance through various strategies. 

      b)     Agenda Development

              i)      Information exchange – seek input from members regarding topics

             ii)    Guest speakers (i.e. OPI)  

             iii)  Identify membership expertise

             iv)   Offer model policies, legal support, liability coverage, educational articles, crisis support, networking and expertise to members.


Member Recruitment and Retention

1)     Engaging and Retaining MASSP Members

       a)     Regional Directors, or their designee, will make personal contact with each eligible/aspiring/licensed MASSP member in their region not currently in an administrative role with an invitation to join. 

              i)      Identify certified administrators not currently working as administrators and send a letter of invitation to join MASSP

       b)     Mentoring for members

              i)      First year mentoring assignments available formally and informally through SAM.

              ii)    Engaging members in regional activities

              iii)  Attendance at the New Leaders conference

             iv)   Great Beginnings – additional contact with new members quarterly. 

              v)     Schedule a new members meeting at MCEL

2)     Member Recruitment

       a)     Directors are informed monthly by SAM about recruitment and member status process

             i)      Schedule new director and other board member training.

             ii)    August training for Directors about SAM membership status process in conjunction with New Leaders training 

       b)     Directors participate in recruitment process

              i)      Train directors about levels of MASSP membership including national levels of membership.   

       c)     Regional Directors will have personal contact with new administrators in their regions

       d)     Regional Directors, or their designees, will have contact with retired administrators in their regions. 

Advocacy through Leadership

MASSP will collaborate with other education advocates to promote excellence of public education to build brighter futures for Montana Students.

1)     Regional Directors, or their designee, will:

       a)     Communicate with MASSP members regarding issues, elections, candidates via the list-serve and the SAM website:

              i)      Communication with SAM leadership

              ii)    Promoting participation in advocacy training

       b)     Solicit participation of members in advocacy and outreach efforts

2)     Voice for secondary schools at the legislature

       a)     School funding and school law

3)     Regional Directors, or their designee, will solicit resolution ideas from membership through:  

       a)     Utilizing the list-serve and the SAM website

       b)     Promoting full participation in the Delegate Assembly Process

       c)     Soliciting information from NASSP and other organizations.

              i)      Invite legislative candidates to school events and participate in coordinating meetings with the candidates.

4)     MASSP State Coordinator to serve on SAM steering committee

              i)      ‘Watchdog’ the issues relevant to MASSP members