Volume XL                                       MARCH 2018

No. 272

In This Issue...

  1. META President Message 
  2. SAM Executive Director Message
  3. SAM Associate Director Message
  4. SAM Youth Endowment Deadline Approaching 
  5. Did You Know?
  6. MASS Conference Registration
  7. METAtechED Conference Registration
  8. Montana Principals Conference 


Upcoming Conferences and Meetings

Feb. 28 - March 2:  MCEC Conference - Missoula

March 19 - 20:   MASS Spring Conference - Helena - Registration

March 19 - 21:  METAtechED Conference - Helena - Registration

April 4 - 6:  MAEMSP/MASSP Spring Conference - Fairmont Registration

April 17-19:   MACSS Spring Conference - Whitefish - Information

July 30 - August 1:  SAM Administrators Institute - Helena

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Thank you to this month's featured Business Partners!

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SAM Leadership
Jon Konen
Laurie Barron
Paul Furthmyre
Past President
Joel Graves
Peter Hamilton
Jacob Haynes
Vice President
Dan Kimzey
Past President
Lance Boyd
Pam Meier
Craig Crawford
Vice President
Jon Konen
Past President
Rick Chrisman & Dale Olinger
SAM Representatives
Tobin Novasio
Cal Ketchum
Laurie Barron
Past President
Rick Duncan
Federal Relations Coordinator
Linda Marsh
Karen Underwood
Rich Lawrence
SAM Office
Kirk Miller
Executive Director
Pat Audet
Associate Director
Gary Wagner
Operations Manager
Kim Scofield
Communications Specialist  




Greetings from META...

by Rich Lawrence, META President

As we enter into another new year META has been very busy with many new and ongoing projects as
well as initiatives.  Over the last year, we have been working to address several major issues that have
had impacts at various levels across the State.

We formed a subgroup within META to help assess threats and create best practices related to the
Cyber Security attacks we experienced here in Montana last year. Because of the nature of this kind of
threat, this is an ongoing effort.  We have presented information and are continuing to create best
practices using many tools including the TLE standards addressed in CoSN`s Trusted Learning

We have also worked with an outside consultant to build a Website to address another major issue we
are all facing and that is ADA Website Compliance.  Our Website is up and running and can be found by
going to SAM`s Web Page, click the META tab and then drop down to META Website Accessibility
Project. This site gives some great information to help all Education Organizations in the State that are
working towards ADA Compliance.

The METAtechED Conference is rapidly approaching.  It will be held in Helena on March 19-21 at the
Radisson Colonial Hotel. We are working hard and feel we have put together a great group of Speakers
and Vendors for this event.  The overall theme of this Conference is Data Management and Security in
Education. For the first time, our Conference will coincide with the MASS Spring Conference and we are
very excited about that.

We have many challenges right now in Instructional Technology.  We are seeing our Educational Data
Infrastructure being attacked by global cyber criminals and at the same time we are faced with
substantial budgetary issues.  The one thing that I do know for sure is that Montana Educators are some
of the most resilient in the nation and we will work through all of this and our Students will perform at
the highest levels, just as they do now.

Thank you all for all you do for our Students in Montana,

Rich Lawrence, MASS President


Montana Education Administrators Lead with Heart and Mind!

by Kirk Miller, SAM Executive Director

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Thanks for your leadership SAM members!  The events of the past month beginning with the tragic school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, followed by the public reaction and appeal for solutions to protect our children, reinforce the absolute need for leadership with heart and mind in our schools.  Every community and citizen has been affected by this heartbreak, and we grieve the loss of the lives of our children and education colleagues in this senseless act.  The mounting call for solutions impacts the education environment in every school across our state.  Our public schools are a microcosm of our society and events that impact society are always front and center in our schools.  It is in this context, school administrators in Montana have chosen to lead in order to assist their school and community with the healing that must occur, and the effort to implement the solutions that will be formed.  Having been an educator for 35 years, I realize the great importance of our school administrators’ role in leading with both heart and mind.  Several schools, this past week, have been working to resolve instances of potential threats in their school environment, having done so swiftly and with open communication.  With many contacts with administrators this past week, I want to thank you for embracing the leadership role with both heart and mind to help your school community work together to develop solutions that will both heal and create a culture of safety for the children you serve in your schools. 

The Montana Public Education Center (MT-PEC) partners met on Monday (2/26) and resolved to create resources that our schools can use when considering school safety.  Expect ‘Issue Spotlights’ to be available soon to address the many facets that school safety embodies, written in a concise and useable format to assist with decision making.  Conversations with OPI are underway to help develop resource materials for all schools related to school safety that we hope will be placed on the OPI website.  The national associations have been flooding the education publications with documents and recommendations on a variety of school safety issues.  We will be taking those recommendations and through analysis with our Montana schools in mind, write the ‘Issue Spotlights’ that will hopefully give you the information you need to assist your school community. 

One such topic that is in front of our school leaders right now is that of students who are rising to lead efforts to change the political atmosphere around school safety and demand solutions.  In our schools, administrators must consider carefully how to allow students to exercise their rights as citizens to speak out to create change.  At the same time ensuring the safety of those students, the non-disruption of the school environment, minimize the liability risk that actions like a student walkout-protest may create, and use this as a teachable moment for student learning.  Again, leadership with heart and mind is required of the administrator to ensure that this happens.  Because of the timeliness of the student walkout-protest issues related to school safety, SAM and the other associations have created resources for you to consider.  The SAM referenced resources are located on the SAM webpage under Headlines and Features – Click HERE to access that information. 

Montana school administrators, thank you for your leadership with heart and mind when faced with challenges that impact student learning, our schools, community and society!

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SAM Youth Endowment Deadline March 16th!

The purpose of the School Administrators of Montana Youth Endowment Fund is to make a positive impact on the youth of Montana by providing financial assistance to benefit children’s health, welfare, and/or education. 

Awards to nominated recipients are given in April of each year and announced in the May SAM Bulletin. Recognition of the award will also be given yearly at the SAM Administrators Institute. Visit the SAM Youth Endowment webpage to view the brochure that contains more information and to access the nomination form. You can click HERE to go directly to the online application.  The application is due by March 16, 2018.

Please take a moment to review this wonderful opportunity and nominate a deserving student if you are aware of a need. Please note that only SAM members can make a nomination.

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April 3 is Opening Day for 2018-19 SAM Online Membership Drive!

by Pat Audet, SAM Associate Director

The time is near for renewing your SAM affiliate memberships! As with this past membership year, renewals for 2018-19 will be done online. Your district clerk will once again be the “key contact” for those associated with school districts. Beginning April 3, your district clerk will be receiving the first notification of steps for processing online renewals and new member forms. You, as a member, will receive a notification shortly thereafter. You may want to inform your clerk early about the online membership drive email notification coming on April 3.

Any members, that are not affiliated with a school district clerk or secretary, will be the key contact for this first notification email described above.  Once again, membership dues can only be paid by check once memberships are renewed through the online form and can be mailed to:

School Administrators of Montana
900 N. Montana Avenue, Suite A-4
Helena, MT  59601

Once the 2018-19 membership drive begins, we do encourage you to renew your membership early so you can start the next fiscal year with full benefits of your membership in place without any chance of lapse.

SAM is currently 1053 memberships strong accumulating from all 6 affiliates of MASS, MAEMSP, MASSP, META, MCASE, and MACSS, including SAM Institutional Memberships. That is 33 more than last year and 66 more memberships than the previous year!  The SAM numbers keep growing and growing and hopefully will increase even more for next year!  The leadership, integrity, professionalism, advocacy, and professional learning services are only as strong as the unity of the members that belong to our SAM organization!

Look for the email notification coming April 3!

If you have any questions, please contact Pat Audet, SAM Associate Director at (406) 442-2510 or email at sampa@sammt.org.

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MASS Spring Conference March 19-20 in Helena!

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REGISTER for the 2018 MASS Spring Conference!

METAtechED Spring Conference March 19-21 in Helena!

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REGISTER for the 2018 METAtechED Spring Conference!   

Montana Principals Conference April 4-6, Fairmont Hot Springs! 

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REGISTER for the 2018 MAEMSP/MASSP Conference!

An additional room block has been secured at the newly remodeled Copper King Hotel in Butte.  You will receive the state rate when booking.  Contact the hotel at (406) 565-5001 located at 4655 Harrison Avenue.


Did You Know...

...you can complete an online form to have your administrative vacancies posted on the SAM website?  The position, district website, contact information, closing date and link to the online application (if available) will be posted for each vacancy. Click HERE to access the form directly or visit the Employment Opportunities page on the SAM website. 

...you can access your SAM profile from the Member Landing Page on the SAM website?  Once you login and click on "My Profile", you can change your profile picture, change your password, view form submissions, view invoices, and even pay conference registration invoices with a credit card online.  All of these options are accessible under the "My Profile" menu tab. Please take a few minutes to explore this new area of the SAM website!


Thank you to SAM's Business Partners!  

Please take time to visit their websites.

Montana Big Sky Sponsors

Health Insurance 
P O Box 4579
Helena, MT 59601                           
Phone: 406-457-4400        
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1309 NW Bypass
Great Falls, MT 59404  
Phone: 406-727-5994   

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Professional Learning Organization                          1031 N. Academic Way, Ste. 242                                Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83814
Phone: 208-292-2529                                               

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Rigorous Learning For All Students
1587 Route 146
Rexford, NY 12148
Phone: 518-399-2776

Montana Glacier Sponsors

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Infinite Campus is the largest American-owned student information system
4321 109th Avenue NE
Blaine, MN 55449 stephanie.sondrol@infinite
Website development Innovation          Park at Penn State
200 Innovation Blvd, Ste. 201
State College, PA 16801
 814-689-1046 Ext. 304      

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Mileposts™ cloud-based
achievement & data management
408 E. Parkcenter Blvd., Ste.300
Boise, ID 83706 rapp@silverbacklearning.com 
valic.gif - 2.49 KbAnnuities, life insurance     
430 Ryman St., #102
Missoula, MT 59892 

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Empowering Teachers To
Drive Their Own Professional Learning
84 Sherman Street
Cambridge, MA 02140
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School property & liability insurance
1200 North Montana Ave.
Helena. MT. 59601

Unique approach to teaching K-6 math using hands-on, interactive games
37 E 28th Street Suite 600
New York, NY 10016


Montana Mountain Sponsors

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Solutions
34 West 6th Avenue, Suite 2B
Helena, MT 5960

Lowest total operational cost clean buildings  2525 Overland Avenue
Billings, MT 59102 brucoeducation@gmail.com
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School portraits, yearbooks & sports portraits
2110 Overland Ave., #115A 
Billings, MT 59102 jvagner@lifetouch.com

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Education Employee Financial Products & Services
621 W. Mallon, Suite #301
Spokane, WA 99201 Geoff.Hinton@americanfidelity.com
509-279-2540, Ext 353                                                                                            

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Safe, Easily Managed School Networks
106 East Sixth Street, Suite 500
Austin TX 48701
JArnold@lightspeedsystems.com  512-904-0544   

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Auto, homeowners, life insurance and financial services
617 W Stolley Park Road
Grand Island, NE 68801

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Education’s Premiere Recruitment Service
PO Box 2519 Columbia, MD 21045  gbswitzer@frontlineed.com 
877-812-4071 x94  

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College Assistance, Job Skill Training   
1956 MT Majo Street  
Fort Harrison, MT 59636

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A leading provider of comprehensive Custodial, Grounds & Facility Operations
and Maintenance services
4702 Western Ave. Suite 101
Knoxville, TN 37921 gcaeducation@gcaservices.com         

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School Workers’ Compensation & Liability Coverage
PO Box 7029
Helena, MT 59601


Montana Meadow Sponsors

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College Readiness and Success
5889 Greenwood Plaza Blvd. Suite 210 
Greenwood Village, CO 80111   

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School Accounting Software
145 Southlake Crest, Suite 1
Polson, MT. 59860
Phone: 800-353-8829

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Technology Services Partner
16 6th Street North, Ste 42

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Technology planning, project  & solution services
2135 Charlotte Street
Bozeman MT 59718
bbassett @pinecc.com

900 N. Montana Ave. Suite A-4| Helena, MT. 59601| Phone (406)442-2510 | Fax (406)442-2518 



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