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Monday, March 11 

2024 Spring Legal & Technology Conference Day 1

Breakfast Keynote: Simplify to succeed -
Jeff Paterson & Russ Hendrickson, K12 Montana - Platinum Sponsor 

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Professional Bio: Jeff Patterson 

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 Opening Keynote: K12 Generative AI Implementation,
Pete Just

An introductory talk on generative artificial intelligence (GAI) in K-12 education that will provide an AI overview with a dive into how GAI can be used by staff or students to create and design original content. Discussion will include potential benefits and ethical considerations of integrating these technologies into classroom learning environments as well as recent trends and AI implications for SPED. Participants will gain an understanding of the basics and how to engage in discussions and plan with fellow educators around the challenges and opportunities of GAI.

Professional Bio: Pete Just

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Presentation Materials: Build Your School or District Strategy Now 

PD Re-Imagined: On-Demand Professional Development of Educators - Joel Medley, Stride Professional Development - Platinum Sponsor

Research has confirmed that professional learning must be reshaped to meet the real-time needs of educators. Stride, Inc., the nation’s leader in online learning, is helping to transform how teachers and school leaders engage in ongoing professional development through the Stride Professional Development Center. Session participants will be introduced to The Stride PD Center, an ever-growing library of on-demand digital courses that allow educators to access quality professional development anytime and anywhere. Participants will learn how schools and districts can leverage on-demand learning to expand their local PD offerings for educators. If you are looking for ways to invest in your teachers, your school, or your school district/network, this session is for you!

Learning Objectives: • Attendees will learn how online professional development courses can have a real-time impact in classrooms and schools. • Attendees will learn how educators are leveraging the Stride Professional Development Center to enhance and diversify their approach to professional development to improve student and school outcomes. • Attendees will learn how connecting with a national educator community can help improve practice, teacher satisfaction and retention.

Professional Bio: Joel Medley

Presentation Materials: PD Re-Imagined 

Tech & Safety Levies Updates - Lance Melton, MTSBA Executive Director 

Lance Melton has served as MTSBA’s executive director for 24 years after previously serving four years in a variety of roles at MTSBA, including staff attorney, lobbyist, director of governmental relations and general counsel.

Melton has drafted and led advocacy efforts leading to the successful passage of key legislation supporting school and student safety and security and technology.

On the topic of technology levies, Melton drafted and led advocacy efforts leading to the passage of Senate Bill 353 (Senator Thomas, 2001 Session), first authorizing technology levies for depreciable technology hardware, modeled after the bus depreciation reserve fund and later Senate Bill 199 (also Senator Thomas, 2013 Session), expanding the permissible expenditures for new levies to include cloud computing and software licenses.

On the topic of school and student safety and security, Melton’s efforts include drafting SB 348 (Senator Fred Thomas, 2013 Session), the bill first addressing this specific topic, SB 213 (also Senator Thomas, 2015 Session), extending the temporary provisions of SB 348 for two years, SB 307 (Senator Llew Jones, 2017 Session), which made the provisions from Senator Thomas’ bills permanent in the law, and SB 92 (Senator Dan Salomon, 2019 Session), which first authorized use of major maintenance funds for school safety, expanded the definition of school and student safety and security and first authorized voted levies for school and student safety and security.

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Presentation Materials: SB199, SB313, Question of the Week 


Black Hat Academy, Hackathon  
Ross Lemke, Director, Privacy Technical Assistance Center, U.S. Department of Education

Have you ever wondered how hackers do what they do? Ever wanted to hack a school? Well
grab your hoodie and hot pockets and join us for a hands-on workshop where YOU get to be
the bad guy! In this session, we'll give you access to a virtual lab set up to simulate a school
district, complete with the software and hardware commonly employed by real schools.
Created in the style of a "Capture the Flag" contest, you can go at it alone, or team up with other attendees to hack and exploit these systems to gain control of the simulated "school"
and steal sensitive simulated "student records" for bragging rights and all the lolz. The first
step to defeating a hacker is to think like one, so take the red pill and join us as we hack a

Professional Bio: Ross Lemke

Presentation Materials: Black Hat Academy 


Revolutionizing Campus Safety: Verkada's Cutting Edge Solutions -
Stephen Richards - ByteSpeed Platinum Sponsorship 

Verkada is at the forefront of transforming campus safety initiatives with its innovative security solutions. By seamlessly integrating advanced AI-powered video analytics, Verkada empowers educational institutions to proactively identify and address potential security threats in real-time. Their state-of-the-art surveillance technology not only enhances incident response times but also provides actionable insights for proactive risk management, ensuring a safer and more secure environment for students, faculty, and staff. In an era where safety is paramount, Verkada's commitment to leveraging technology for comprehensive campus security makes them a key player in shaping the future of educational institution safety.

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Special Ed Legal Topics 
Megan Morris, Kaleva Law Offices  

An update regarding topics and recent decisions related to Section 504 and IDEA

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Professional Bio: Megan Morris 

Presentation Materials: Section 504 & IDEA Updates 


MTDA's AI Integration Framework: A Roadmap to Thoughtfully Embrace the Future -
Jason Neiffer, Caitlin Byers, & Mike Agostinelli 

In February, Montana Digital Academy released its "Planning Guide for AI: A Framework for School Districts" document to Montana schools. The framework provides a comprehensive roadmap for discussing generative artificial intelligence from all angles and developing thoughtful implementation plans and policies. The session will introduce the framework, and explore practical strategies for leadership and vision development, ethical considerations, instructional innovation, and operational efficiency. Leave equipped with actionable insights and inspired to lead your school community into a new era of educational excellence.

Professional Bio: Montana Digital Academy

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AI-Driven Campus Networks for Digital Learning -
Matthew Smith - Structured Platinum Sponsor

Solving challenges in school district networks utilizing AI-driven architecture from Juniper Networks

Professional Bio: Matthew Smith

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Workers Comp, Complaints-
Jeffrey Weldon & Nyles Greer, Felt Martin PC Employment Law, 

Discussion on School Employment issues in Montana

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Professional Bio: Jeffrey Weldon & Nyles Greer

Presentation Materials: Employment Law 


Improving your Workflow Use Gen AI As your Collaborator -
Pete Just

What are the differences between Chat GPT, Bing (CoPilot), Bard (Gemini), or Claude chatbots? We'll learn how to write helpful prompts, choosing the right AI tool, and gain practical examples on how you can leverage the power of AI to improve your team's personal workflow and get some more time in your day!

Professional Bio: Pete Just

Presentation Materials: Improve Work Flow 


FERPA Mythbusting -
Ross Lemke, Director, Privacy Technical Assistance Center, U.S. Department of Education

Think you know all there is to know about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
(FERPA)? This presentation addresses misconceptions and dispels common myths about

Professional Bio: Ross Lemke

Presentation Materials: FERPA Mythbusting

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This could be your smart safe secure classroom-
T.E.S.T. Inc. 

Join T.E.S.T.’s workshop where SMART Technologies will model an effective interactive classroom where students (workshop participants) will be fully engaged and interactive with their learning environment. During this workshop, students will be immersed in a simulation of a real-life scenario that can occur in any classroom in Montana.  Using emerging technologies, learn how to implement preventive measures to enable your teachers to use vetted practices to de-escalate some situations.  Experience how the SAFE (Signal Alert For Education) System from Audio Enhancement, Inc. will connect the teacher and classrooms to first responders for quick response and communication. This revolutionary system captures classroom proceedings for just-in-time help and safety.  Integrated with Avigilon’s unique portfolio of surveillance and access control, these solutions help protect what’s most valuable, our kids and staff! 

Professional Bio: Liz Cunningham

Presentation Materials: No materials available