If you have a position open and would like to participate in the recruitment project, you must fill out the MCASE Recruitment Enrollment Online Form. For any position(s) that you will need to be filled, please fill out a separate MCASE Recruitment Positions Online Form. Your position(s) will be posted on the SAM website on our vacancy list and SAM will issue an invoice to you.  Please complete this Filled Positions Form once positions are filled.  


Administrator Job Marketing Resources

The following resources are to help you market your positions more favorably. We want you to have the best chance of obtaining applicants to apply for your position.

  • Remember, using color and a logo creates a more interesting notice resulting in candidates being more apt to look at your opening.

Examples of Vacancy Notices:   Vacancy Notice Example 1 

                                                          Vacancy Notice Example 2

Click here to use the  Template to make a vacancy notice.

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