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 The G.V. Erickson Award is given to a member of the School Administrators of Montana who has made the greatest contribution to the betterment of education in Montana; something that G.V. did throughout his career. This is the most honored award a school administrator of Montana can receive.
2023 G.V. Erickson Award
The 2023 G.V. Erickson Award was presented to Dennis Parman
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SAM is proud to announce the 2023 G.V. Erickson Award recipient, Mr. Dennis Parman.  Mr. Paman was awarded this distinguished honor at the annual Montana Conference of Education Leadership (MCEL) held October 18-20, 2023.   This distinguished award is given to a SAM member who has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to the advancement and betterment of public education in Montana.  This is the most prestigious award a Montana school administrator can receive.  The award is named in honor of Mr. G.V. Erickson, a school administrator who dedicated his career and life to education and the children of Montana.    

Mr. Parman has been a driving force in education since 1981, leaving an indelible mark as a teacher, principal, superintendent, and advocate.  With a career spanning over 40 years, he has distinguished himself as a highly respected pillar of Montana public education. 

Mr. Parman's remarkable career in education, from teacher to superintendent, to his role as Deputy Superintendent at the Montana Office of Public Instruction and Executive Director of the Montana Rural Education Association, has made him one of the most influential figures in Montana's public education landscape. His ability to build relationships, inspire collaboration, and achieve tangible results underscores his immense value to the organizations he has served.

Mr. Parman is an outstanding educator with a vast understanding of school curriculum, educational opportunities, operations, policy development, child development, and the role higher education plays in preparing education leaders. While serving as the Deputy Superintendent at the OPI, Mr. Parman was instrumental in facilitating the review and modernization of accreditation standards and educator licensure.  

Mr. Parman is well known in the education community for his outstanding ability to analyze data and implement research-based strategies in compelling ways that influence action in the best interest of all students.  His ability to research and communicate state legislative and congressional actions connected to education has been outstanding and has enhanced Montana education. His leadership on both district and state levels has been instrumental in driving important initiatives forward. His commitment to public education has contributed to collaborative efforts that drive positive change.

Dr. Rob Watson, Executive Director at School Administrators of Montana (SAM), stated “Mr. Parman has a long and successful career as a Montana educator. With his varied experience, his institutional knowledge is unmatched. Mr. Parman has approached each of his roles with professionalism and kindness. We are excited to have the opportunity to honor Dennis with this award - the highest award we give at SAM.” 

The G. V. Erickson Award was presented by Sara Novak, Director of Great Divide Education Services and President of SAM.  The entire SAM membership congratulates Mr. Dennis Parman for being honored with this prestigious award, celebrating his dedicated service to public education which has left an indelible mark on Montana's education landscape.

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About Mr. Erickson 
Mr. G. V. Erickson was born in Moorhead, Minnesota in 1911 where he attended elementary, high school and college.  G. V. graduated from Concordia College in 1934 with a major in biology and a double minor in German and physical education.  Mr. Erickson completed graduated work at the University of Montana, Montana State University, and Carroll College prior to receiving a Masters Degree in School Administration from the University of Minnesota in 1945.  At his first teaching position G. V. was a principal, coach, and a math and science instructor in New Leipzig, North Dakota for three years.  G. V. then went to Brockton as a science and math instructor and coach in 1937.  After two years he became superintendent and held that position for three years.  He then moved to Glasgow where he was a principal of the junior/senior high school.  G. V. then moved to Havre for three years as high school principal.  In 1948 G. V. moved to Helena as elementary principal of the Bryant, Lincoln, Hawthorn, and Broadwater schools. In 1955 he set up the first Helena Junior High School and was principal there through 1959.  In 1959 he moved to Montana State University in Bozeman as the Director of Student Teaching.  G. V. held this position for 10 years, and when the Department of Education became the College of Education in 1967, he became the Head of the Department of Secondary Education and Foundations.  He held this position until he retired in 1973.
Along with his regular position at MSU, G. V. was offered an additional challenge in education.  At the first meeting of the joint organization of MASA-MAESP-MASSP held in Billings in 1971, he was asked b the newly formed Executive Board to become the organization’s first executive secretary.  G. V. held this part-time position in addition to his work at Montana State University.  He was SAM’s Executive Secretary for the first six years of his existence.
Also G. V. became a life member of MEA in 1937, the NEA in 1940, the NAESP in 1953, and was also a life member of the MASSP.
The term “nice guy” was created for G. V. Erickson.  He had a great compassion for educators and students.  G. V.’s motivational speeches, which accompanied his annual report to administrators, will never be forgotten.
Mr. G. V. Erickson passed away a few short days before the annual G. V. Erickson Award was presented at the Fall Conference in 1996.