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Do you need help finding

Special Education Personnel? 

The benefits of joining the Montana Schools Recruitment Project: 
  • Your job position posted at all MT colleges and at colleges across the US
  • Personalized recruitment at national conferences
  • We provide you a candidate pool
  • We directly communicate with candidates regarding your openings
  • We provide assistance with marketing, vacancy notices, job descriptions and selling your position 
For more information on the Montana Recruitment Project, please click on the MCASE Recruitment Enrollment Description 2021-22.

For more information, please visit the following web pages:

 Administrator Information

Candidate Information




Contact Kaitlin Sonderer
for more information!
[email protected] 
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Project Director, Kaitlin Sonderer, and family 




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MCASE Recruitment Report FY 2018-19
MCASE Recruitment Report FY 2017-18
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