SAM AI 2020 Instructional Leadership Summit Day 2 - Session 3


Session 3  9:30 - 10:30 AM 


The Great Conversation - Jamie Vollmer 

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Recording of Live Session


Praised as both practical and energizing, this inactive session presents an inspiring call-to-arms and a powerful case for the need to increase local support for public schools. It is designed to complement the keynote presentation: Welcome to The Great Conversation.

Using his own transformation as a backdrop, Jamie employs a series of Q&A periods to help his audience identify the corrosive social forces currently undermining support for schools, and he discusses a strategy to reverse this trend. In clear layman’s terms, Vollmer teaches his audiences how to effectively implement a public engagement strategy to increase:

  • Community understanding of the challenges facing our children and our schools,
  • Community trust in their local schools to accomplish the goal,
  • Community permission to make the changes needed to teach all children to high levels, and
  • Community support throughout the complex and emotional restructuring process.