SAM AI 2020 Instructional Leadership Summit Day 1 - Session 2


Session 2  10:45 - 11:45 AM 


School Reopening Strategies - Kirk Miller, Dennis Parman, Lance Melton  

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SAM COVID-19 Information for Schools (recent important topics)

  • 7/27/20 MHSA Return to Fall Activities Requirements_Considerations w att Email 7.27.20 is released describing guidelines on return to fall activities.  Several attachments are included.
  • 7/27/20 SAM Virtual Administrators Institute 2020 provides many professional development sessions addressing COVID-19 and strategies for school reopening in focus zones -- Social Emotional &  Behavioral, Academic Programming, Physical & Structural Safety
  • 7/25/20 MT-PEC prepares Guidance for Governor's CRF For Schools to assist our schools with interpretations and recommendations on allowable expenses of Coronavirus Relief Funds for Schools.
  • 7/24/20 Additional information -- Governor's CRF for Schools
    • School districts should apply based on their district (k-12, elementary, or high school). You can see the application here The first line asks for Name of School or District Applying. Our public school officials should ALL submit by their District.
    • MT-PEC is working on Guidance for implementing the Governor's CRF for Schools to provide our schools with the flexibilities in using the funds for school reopening.  Our goal is to have the guidance ready on Monday, 7/27/20.
  • 7/24/20 MFPE and MTSBA release Model COVID MOA MTSBA MFPE final 7-24-20 intended to be a resource for school districts developing Human Resources and Collective Bargaining during the pandemic.
  • 7/23/20 Governor's Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) Information for Schools and Certification Form are available for review, explaining the process for distribution of $65 million to Montana public schools (Gov CRF K-12 Distribution).
    • The application for funds will be available Friday, July 24
    • Applications submitted by July 31 will receive funding August 7.
    • Applications submitted by August 14 will receive funding August 21.
  • 7/23/20 MT-PEC makes request of the Governor to provide a limited waiver of the residency requirement for providing offsite instruction in order to allow non-resident students of a district to continue to receive services through remote learning during COVID-19.

Speaker Presentation Slides

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SESSION OVERVIEW:  Join the Executive Directors of SAM, MREA and MTSBA for a discussion of the current status of Safely Reopening Montana's schools.  Reopening Montana Schools resources are shared in the Session virtual room.  Kirk, Dennis and Lance will briefly address key strategies for reopening schools and then open up a dialogue (Q & A) for session attendees to share their plans and thoughts to assist all with progress..


KIRK MILLER, Executive Director, SAM . . .

Dr. Kirk Miller has served Montana as a teacher, high school principal, adjunct professor, superintendent and education association executive director during his more than 38 years as an educator.  He has had the opportunity to serve Montana students in every size community from class C to AA across the geography of the state. Kirk has practiced life-long learning by completing his formal education in the Montana university system over almost two decades earning his Doctorate in School Administration and Educational Leadership from MSU‑Bozeman.  Dr. Miller was appointed by the Governor to the Montana Board of Public Education in 1995, served as Chairman of the Board from 1999 to 2006, completing his service in 2009.  He has represented Montana students on committees at the federal level and served on many statewide committees to improve Montana education.  Dr. Miller currently serves as the Executive Director of School Administrators of Montana (SAM), representing over 1080 school administrators on all efforts related to educational leadership in Montana and at the federal level.

DENNIS PARMAN, Executive Director, MREA...
LANCE MELTON, Executive Director, MTSBA...

Lance Melton serves as the executive director for the Montana School Boards
Association (MTSBA), where he has worked since 1996. Originally hired as MTSBA’s
first Director of Governmental Relations in the mid-1990’s, Lance also served as an
attorney and as MTSBA’s General Counsel before the MTSBA Board selected him as its
executive director, a position in which he has served for the last 20 years.
Lance has been actively involved as a lobbyist before Congress and the Montana
Legislature over the course of his career, lobbying in each session since 1993 and crafting
over 200 bills that have positively impacted significant portions of Title 20 of the MCA.
Guided by the MTSBA Members and Board of Directors, and working in partnership
with other key public education advocacy groups (MASBO, MFPE, MQEC, MREA, and
SAM), Lance’s efforts have included extensive advocacy on issues of school finance,
special education, tax reform, technology, school facilities, community ownership and
local control, career and technical education, personalized learning, and school safety.
Lance earned a bachelor's degree in Political Science with high honors from the
University of Montana and later received his J.D. from the University of Montana School
of Law where he wrote for the Public Land Law Review. Before joining MTSBA, Lance
served as an attorney and lobbyist for the Montana Department of Commerce.