SAM LPLP 2015-16

School Administrators of Montana are proud to offer innovative professional learning opportunities to district and school leaders across Montana.  A combination of the SAM Mentor Program and the SAM 21st Century Leadership Institute (21 CLI), the SAM Leaders Professional Learning Program (LPLP) is unlike any program available today. Entering it's third year, SAM has partnered with the Montana Office of Public Instruction, Montana University System Ed Leadership Programs, the Department of Administration and individual Montana business partners to create this opportunity for Montana's education leaders.

The LPLP provides a unique opportunity for those who register for the program(s) to receive one-on-one coaching/ mentoring and innovative, project-based, blended professional learning opportunities while working with experienced, highly qualified Montana administrators (mentor/coaches called Providers) in each of the 9 MASS region areas of the state.  

The launch of the SAM LPLP 2015-16 will be part of the SAM Administrators Institute scheduled for July 27-30, 2015 in Helena.

SAM Mentor Program 2015-16
The SAM Mentor Program is intended for those leaders who are new to their position.  The Program offers one-on-one mentoring with a SAM LPLP Provider, hands on training sessions throughout the year, and networking opportunities with fellow new and experienced administrators to allow you to connect efficiently with the resources to do a great job in your school.  Click HERE to review the SAM Mentor Program 2015-16 brochure.  NOTE: OPI Renewal Units and/or possible University/College Credits (working on this) could be earned through participation in this program!

SAM 21st Century Leadership Institute (21 CLI) 2015-16
The SAM 21 CLI is intended for leaders who are interested in innovative professional learning that is job embedded, personalized to your learning style, learner directed, and project based to benefit student learning in your schools.  The 21 CLI offers the participant a blended learning solution with face-to-face sessions, live-interactive webinars with a set of 21 learning modules, Education Thought Leaders Network online learning center, coaching/mentoring by the LPLP Providers, and facilitated networking to connect you with the resources you need.  Click HERE to review the SAM 21 CLI Brochure.  Click HERE to see a 10 minute presentation on the program.  Click HERE to see a 6 minute presentation highlighting the program.  NOTE: OPI Renewal Units and/or possible University/College Credits (working on this) could be earned through participation in this program!

Online registration for one or both SAM LPLP 2015-16 click HERE!
Thanks for considering this investment in your school and your professional learning!  

Questions?  Contact SAM Executive Director Kirk Miller at [email protected] or  Associate Director Pat Audet at[email protected] -- phone # 406-442-2510.

SAM 21 CLI 2015-16 Description Presentation LINK
SAM LPLP 2015-16 Registration Form LINK