Kristin Souers, ASCD Presenter

Souers Photo.jpg - 6.46 KbKristin Souers, MA LMHC, has dedicated herself to the improvement of people’s lives for over two decades. As a licensed mental health counselor, she has provided counseling services to individuals, couples, and families. With a history of working in the fields of early learning, law enforcement, education, and mental health, she has been able to develop an extensive knowledge base. This, partnered with her expertise in complex trauma, the impact of violence, crisis management, counseling, and trauma-informed care, has allowed her to partner with professionals around the development of trauma-informed practices in a multitude of settings

The award-winning publication, Fostering Resilient Learners: Strategies for creating a Trauma-Sensitive Classroom Environment (ASCD, 2016), and many articles published in education journals, her most recent “Responding with Care to Students Facing Trauma,” (December 2017/January 2018) have strengthened Kristin’s impact in education. For more information visit her website on Twitter @KristinKSouers or email [email protected]

​"Trauma is a word not a sentence." Whether you are brand new to the thinking behind trauma informed work or an experienced educator, therapist or service provider, the 2018 MTASCD Summit is an opportunity for you to learn from
 Kristin Souers, co-author of the best-selling and award-winning ​book ​Fostering Resilient Learners:  Strategies for creating a trauma-sensitive classroom